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How much life insurance do you need?


When shopping for life insurance, the question you should be asking your self is not how much you may need but how much your family will need to maintain thier current life style if you pass away. There is a lot to think about.   

What are you trying to cover? 

  • Uncovered Medical Bills
  • Funeral Expenses 
  • Estate-Settling Cost
  • Outstanding Debt & Mortgages

What are you trying to provide? 

  • Fund A Loved Ones College Endeavor 
  • Provide Transitional Income For A Spouse   
  • Set-up An emergency fund for loved ones
  • Fund a loved Ones business venture

Get An Instant Insurance Needs Analysis 

Remember, no online tool can dig deep enough to determine what is the right amount for you and your family.  Using our Needs Analysis Calculator or talking with one of our life experts is the first step in having peace-of-mind.

What are the benefits of life insurance?

Life insurance is a way to protect your family’s financial security if you happen to get sick before you die or when you pass away.  Life insurance can be used to fund your child's college tuition, pay off your mortgage balance, cover final expenses, and allow your loved ones to continue to live the life style that you worked so hard to provide them.  

In short when you purchase a life insurance policy you are investing in the legacy of your closest named beneficiaries.  Some types of policies can even provide tax-free income for you to enjoy during your retirement years.

So, which life insurance option is right for you? While this can be a complicated question when learning the information on your own, but don't worry we're here to help.  

As fiduciary life insurance agents we provide trusted advise and guidance that you can understand and feel comfortable with.  

Term Life?

Whole Life?

Guaranteed for a term.

Typically 10, 20 or 30 years

Guaranteed for life.

Payout guaranteed for your life.

Low Payments.

Generally 5-10% the cost of whole life.

Higher Payments.

10 to 20 times the cost of term life.

No Cash Value.

No investment component.

High Cash Value.

May be borrowed and paid back.